Zimbalam Digital Music Distribution and Selling on iTunes

Music has not lost its inherent character ever since the times of prehistoric percussion, but recording media is becoming more and more intangible. MP3 is gradually replacing the CD, record stores are disappearing and giving way to web shops, and search engines are now taking the place of the guy at the record store who used to tell you where to find the record you were looking for and also told you who was hot or not. Even though it’s not the case yet, soon iTunes, Napster and Amazon will surely sell more music than physical stores; and they have a great advantage over “real” shops: there’s no need for a warehouse anymore, the stock stays on a server and it can be replicated endlessly.

These developments affect the key players in the music industry and the role they have in the process of marketing an album. Until now, once the record was mixed and mastered, the artist depended on the financial support of a label to replicate a great number of copies and to dispatch them to the dealers. Both of these tasks are on their way to disappearing thanks to online music sales and service providers like Zimbalam.

Zimbalam.com is the “mass market” version of Believe Digital, a record label with its own artist roster and, at the same time, a special service provider helping traditional labels bring their catalog online. The idea behind Zimbalam is very simple: they put your songs in 20 online shops in 240 countries for a fixed rate under a non-exclusive distribution agreement. Having your demo on Napster, Amazon and iTunes is now possible for only £19.99 (two tracks) or £29.99 (three or more tracks).

One of the best surprises Zimbalam has to offer is that you get 90% of the royalties generated from the retail price, which means real money in the bank for each sale. If you sell two songs at £1.49 each, at the end of that quarter you’ll get around £2.20 from the sale. You can also claim back an additional percentage of the sale as a song-writer’s royalty through the PRS, to further increase you revenues. Excellent royalties, absurdly low prices and a non-exclusive agreement? It seems too good to be true. That’s why we went to Believe Digital’s offices in Paris (France) to learn more about Zimbalam and to test their services. We met Denis Ladegaillerie, a skilled lawyer who has worked for Universal Music US, eMusic, MP3.com, Rollingstone.com, and is co-founder and CEO of Believe Digital.

He was very straightforward when asked about the reasons for founding Zimbalam:

The record industry is like a pyramid: you’ve got lots of artists starting out their career at the bottom and a few top-selling artists at the top. The pyramidal structure reflects a decrease in the number of artists as you move from one development stage to the next according to your notoriety, and the services you need to go on to the next level. When we started Believe Digital, our digital distribution service wasn’t really at the bottom side of the pyramid (Editor’s note: Believe Digital helped record labels sell their catalogs on the web), and we developed in two different directions: on the one hand, we went to the top of the pyramid by doing the same things as a traditional record label (promotion, web, radio, and TV marketing) and, on the other hand, we expanded downward with Zimbalam. Last year, for example, we received about 50,000 demos at Believe and we signed 200 deals. From those 200 artists we signed, some of them will make it and others won’t. But it’s the same thing with the 49,800 artists we didn’t sign: we can’t really know if they will succeed due to some other reasons. For example, one of them could work for a big communications group like Publicis and manage to license a tune for a Mercedes ad campaign, or another one might know the film editor of a big TV group and get one of their tunes to be the theme song of a new TV show. So an artist we overlooked could become a success for one of these reasons.

That’s why we decided to mix everything at Zimbalam… Still, the quality of the 49,800 demos we receive is not always the best. Moreover, I know Apple refuses certain applications for the App Store. So my guess was they were also picky when it comes to the iTunes’ music catalog, right?

Imagine my surprise when I found out that they accept everything when it comes to music. iTunes has been receiving demands from lots of artists hoping for a distribution deal for three years now and they’ve had some logistic problems so they forwarded them to us. When we told them we had already signed 200 deals from the 50,000 demos, they gave us hell and even threatened to stop working with us because they wanted everything.

Do they want to be the biggest?

They want to have the largest catalog. They also work on two levels: take, for example, a 15-year old girl whose parents paid for a recording session in a studio for her birthday. Telling her friends and relatives about it she might sell 15 or 20 downloads, but that actually generates a profit because logistic costs are so low. Even if she doesn’t sell enough to make a profit, she will contribute to the education of the people, because she will prompt her friends to pay for music instead of downloading it illegally.

Moreover, the content that could be considered “undesirable” is not a problem, given that not all songs are visible. On the iTunes start page there’s an editorial selection. Behind that you can have 300,000 or 1 million dubious quality artists and it’s not going to bug anyone.

The best way to make it through all that is with good communication and marketing strategies. What does Zimbalam offer in this regard?

With Zimbalam, we wanted to offer a clearly distinguishable service: we take care of the technical part but we don’t do any marketing or communication at all. You get a MySpace compatible player (Editor’s note: soon available for Facebook too) that can be embedded in all HTML applets, because we know it’s one of the most effective tools to convert your efforts into sales, but that’s it! Nevertheless, we have plans to offer some sort of individual artist microsite but we’re still in the developing stage right now.

There is no such Internet miracle…

From what we have seen, digital marketing is very similar to standard marketing: to promote an artist he has to be aired on the radio and highlighted on the Dailymotion, YouTube or iTunes home page. And you have the same bottlenecks in the digital world as in the real world: you can only put so many artists on the iTunes, Yahoo or MySpace home page. The people responsible for making the selection won’t promote an album if it hasn’t a certain quality level… In the end it’s the same story all over again.

Is it possible to switch from Zimbalam to Believe?

We follow download statistics – provided to us daily by iTunes – very closely so that we can discover an artist as soon as something starts happening around him. When that happens, we can contact him to propose a marketing campaign with Believe.

So, if I have £10,000 to make a record, does it make sense to spend £5,000 on the production and use the other half of my budget to buy my own songs in order to draw attention?

That’s something we’re fighting against. We’ve seen a lot of that going on in Italy. But that’s totally useless because iTunes has all the information about the buyer (credit card number, login, etc.) The funny part about it is that the people who do that usually buy songs in round amounts…

And what about non-exclusivity? That’s something not very common in the record industry, is it?

Yes, but if you already paid Zimbalam to put your song on iTunes it doesn’t make any sense to try to upload it again to the same store through one of our competitors.

You have no presence in services like Deezer. Is it deliberate?

Yes. Right now, every time a song is streamed on Deezer it brings between 1/10 and 1/15 of a dollar to the composer. It didn’t seem financially interesting for the artist, from our point of view. Especially considering Deezer tends to cannibalize the MP3 market.

Do you pay attention to copyright, for example, to check if the songs being uploaded are registered in a collecting society?

We aren’t paying much attention to whether or not our clients are members of collecting societies because right now European distribution services pay collecting societies without distinguishing between members and non-members. So every time a tune is bought for £0.99, the corresponding collecting society gets seven cents in mechanical royalties, regardless of whether the composer is a member or not. If we were to ask all online shops to give us the amount corresponding to non-members so that we could give it directly to artists who aren’t affiliated to a collecting society, they wouldn’t be able to do it.

So you’re saying collecting societies receive money that doesn’t belong to them?

Yes, but they know who the money belongs to, so if that artist becomes member he has two years to claim his royalties. We would advise all our UK artists to register with collection societies wherever possible as the benefits are not limited to just additional royalty collection, societies such as the PRS in the UK have many additional member discounts and free services that independent musicians can benefit from, they are also free to join.

(Editor’s note: I called the French collecting society, SACEM, to ask them about this matter and they denied getting paid for artists who are not in their repertoire. I guess the best way to find out what happens to that money is to go ask Apple directly.)

Could it be useful for an artist to have songs in different online shops to become a member of a collecting society like, say, SACEM?

I actually contacted the French collection society (SACEM) to ask about that and they told me they are considering the possibility of artists becoming members if they reach a given amount of sales. But it isn’t possible yet…”

Zimbalam and me

After this chat, I had to test the quality of the service provided by Zimbalam to see if it really is what they say it is. I took two demo songs and a CD cover made with Photoshop and signed up for the £19.99 two-song pack. The back office, from the uploading of songs to the online management of content, is very clear and well thought out. You have the possibility to monitor your sales in real time (at least on iTunes) and to check your account statement as well as your agreement with Zimbalam. Do keep in mind that all data assigned to the files can’t be modified once the songs have been uploaded to the online shops, which takes somewhere between two and six weeks depending on the shop. So pay attention to that, especially considering that the different shops don’t always faithfully reproduce the information you originally entered. In my case, my artistic name “[nwaR]” became “Nwar” on iTunes because Apple’s catalog specifications prohibit the use of special characters and the free use of capitalization. It’s a pity considering that “Nwar” makes no sense and that Fnac and Amazon do display the name [nwaR] correctly.

When it comes to pricing strategy, it varies from one store to the other (only French stores tested). On the online form I selected EUR0.99 as the price per song and EUR1.49 for both songs, but only iTunes seems to respect my will. As a consequence, buying both songs on fnac.com costs EUR1.98 while Amazon set the price per song at EUR0.79. When I contacted Zimbalam they told me I will always get the same amount from all stores given that Amazon has a very aggressive sales strategy and they cut back on their profit margin. I’ll have to get back to you on that matter because payment is due quarterly and I haven’t received the first bank transfer yet.

I should note though, that in the UK market and across Europe, iTunes is the store with the most different pricing brackets available so artists are likely to see a slight differentiation between the price of their release on some stores. This is mostly applicable to releases priced in the mid-range (EPs and mini-albums) as this is where iTunes has more options than most stores and the stores without the same pricing plateaus will simply sell the release at the nearest level they have, which could be around £1/1 Euro more or less than the specified sale amount.

What’s even more annoying: I specified that the album cover was licensed under a Creative Commons License but my songs got classified as Creative Commons – probably due to a parsing error – even though I clearly stated the author and composer (Arnaud Cueff) before uploading.

Let’s Start Selling!

As we mentioned in the interview, Zimbalam gives you a player you can embed in your MySpace, or any other website, by copying and pasting a small HTML source code. The player is well conceived, freely customizable (particularly regarding size) and it not only provides access to online stores, but also to the artist’s bio or even to a video clip. A Facebook version is due soon and I couldn’t use it on my WordPress blog because WordPress deactivates Javascript components for security reasons. I did however manage to embed it by installing an open-source WordPress on a Free server.

Still, a well-designed player and an outdated blog due to lack of time aren’t enough to become the new chanson star. Apart from the excitement of reading your name listed on iTunes when you look for it, you’ll surely understand what Denis meant when he said that Zimbalam simply provides a technical service. Even if I convinced my friends and family to buy my album, my sales figures wouldn’t rise much and I still wouldn’t be any more interesting than before when it comes to signing a record deal with a label.

To be successful I would have to improve the ranking of my website, create buzz around my music, find as many listeners as possible, and play gigs. Maybe then would Zimbalam allow me to earn some real money.

But the deal is fair enough: 20 shops for £20. I can’t wait to get my royalties at the end of the quarter. You can be sure I will show you my bank statement when I get paid. I have no way to know if I’ll be able to afford a beer with the money I earn, but I’m positive about the fact that people who promote their songs can get real benefits out of this kind of service, and maybe even more with a bit of luck…

Sarit Bruno manages content and editorial line for Audiofanzine

AudioFanzine offers benchmark testing/reviews of products, software or instruments and articles of a tutorial nature, all of which are systematically illustrated by exclusive videos or audio extracts. Addressing a universal audience, both amateurs and professionals alike, http://en.Audiofanzine.com addresses musicians as well as sound engineers, home-studio recording enthusiasts, and audio and lighting engineers.

Music Marketing Plan Part III – The Formal Plan of Incorporating Your Financial Projections

In my previous article, Music Marketing Plan Part II, we went through a brief summary of how to do the research and structure your informal music marketing plan. The plan you will personally use to lay out your day to day marketing strategies, time frames, and initiatives. We talked about doing your market research, listing all the marketing methods you will pursue and implement.

In this Part III article we will talk about formulating your formal music marketing plan. This plan contains the exact same information as outlined in your informal marketing plan. However, it will also lay out in addition, the all-important financial projections. These will be used to demonstrate to a potential investor the ROI (Return on Investment) they could expect by investing money in your independent music career.

Brief Summary of the Formal Music Marketing Plan (The Financial Projections)

Adding financial projections, what kind of income can be expected from record and merchandise sales, royalties, and performances, will show the potential investor in detail the projected income from your project. This is a crucial section of your formal music marketing plan and it is very important that you do your market research, including demonstrating your past history of overall sales.

When attempting to acquire financial backing for your music project you must remember, the number one question on the mind of any potential investor in a business is “How much money can they expect to make from their investment?” In the financial projection section of your music marketing plan, you attempt to answer these questions.

Questions Like:

* Who are the artists behind the project and what is their experience?
* What are your sales goals for records, merchandise, and performances?
* How to you plan to market and promote your products?
* What kind of profit margin do you expect?
* When do you project that your project will be profitable?
* Are there significant debts that need to be taken and later repaid, such as for CD manufacturing, cost of merchandise, tour bus, or equipment, music publicity? If so, you need to factor such things into your financial projections.

A potential investor in you independent music career reading your financial projections will want to know that you have taken everything into account and produced some realistic expectations for your music project and the gross income that can be expected. This is why researching all these areas to come up with realistic projections is vital. Do not bloat figures out of proportion and be honest with your projected income figures. A savvy investor who knows a little bit about the music industry trends will be able to determine if the figures you have input into your music marketing plan are really possible to achieve.

The financial projections in a marketing plan, specifically a music marketing plan for an independent artist, can be pretty challenging to come up with. The assistance of a music business manager or consultant who has business experience in preparing these plans and projections may be your best bet. Remember you only have one shot at one particular investor. If he or she is not dazzled with your music marketing plan and does not realistically believe they can get a good return on their money based upon your written plan then all bets can be off. Make sure it is professionally prepared, accurate, realistic, and done right the first time. Good Luck!

©2009 Ken Cavalier All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Ken Cavalier is a music business consultant, indie music publicist, speaker, and author. He is widely considered an expert in his field and his focus is the advancement of his musician’s and artist’s careers. He specializes in assisting his musicians and artists with the music publicity and marketing. Ken is also the founder of Allure Media Entertainment, a music publicity, artist management & consulting firm in Philadelphia, PA. As a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammy Association) and other distinguished music industry organizations, Ken has authored many informative guides on music promotion, music marketing.

Music Marketing Inside – 5 Tips When Subscribing to Music Promotions, Networks, Web Forums

Music marketing is a complex field, and there are many parts to the whole. When searching keywords to locate authentic music industry experts for interview, I came across hundreds (if not thousands) of articles that discussed the topic at hand. To my surprise, the technique of article spinning was alive and well. Not that any subject should be exclusively untouchable to this technology, but because of my love of music and the process of music creation; I noticed with a heavy heart.

There are so many musicians trying to succeed that many will find the first “expert” who calls herself an expert. Any circumstance can help anyone at any time, but not because of the skill-set of one or the other. But because of (let’s call it) karma, luck, skill, hard work, fate or accident. So,

Tip#1 is this: when you read an entry about music marketing and see a colloquial expression commonly known to your industry as being stiff, incorrect, anomaly-like (similar to what Ziva in NCIS does when she tries to use idioms and transposes or substitutes synonyms), be aware of whether or not the article has been spun from a machine/software program/virtual assistant factory. And, in this case, the info could be valuable to you anyway. You never know, but be diligent and aware.

Tip #2 is this: when you subscribe to a music blog, article, forum, network; pick the right level of each to match your expertise. If you are just beginning, it really matters. But, it’s the same tip wherever you are. Research, research, research. Check out the musical, creative and intellectual credibility of the owner/organizer/author before you proceed.

Tip #3 is this: you have to look at the competency of the author, coach, expert by researching that person, through accomplishment. Go to LinkedIn or Wikipedia or call a reputable Music Coalition to see what is said by others. Be careful not to read testimonials that people have written about themselves. Although they may be accurate and honorable, it is always better to get a reco (Boiler Room [the movie] reference for recommendation) from an outsider.

Tip #4 is this: if the headline grabs you, and it addresses exactly what you are looking for; read on. Even if you find the author has not accomplished anything, the subject might still help your path. Take the headline’s keyword to look for other material on your subject. You will begin to become more sensitive to quality if you do this.

Tip #5 is this: use very precise key words when searching for your subject or your expert online. The more precise you can be about what you want, the more information you will pull up. Example: “jazz musician marketing” pulls up 2000 searches as opposed to 11000 searches for “jazz marketing.” You want your best bang for your buck, your buck being your time.

Bottom line, there is a lot of information out there. Music marketing is a vast field with many compartments. These days, everyone is a coach, so be vigilant rather than gullible. Enjoy the knowledge, discard the rest. Be diligent when you choose a music network or website with which to affiliate. Keep your eye on raising yourself and promoting your music. All that glitters is not gold in music marketing.

Diane Gold is the founder of OvernightMusicStar: Music Marketing Inside, an audio program for self-promoting musicians. This program is a mobile music business training center where you can download audios in every aspect of the music business. Members have access to music promoters, producers, publicists, managers, musicians,online programming, distribution. Guaranteed no risk program. Gold can be reached at d [at] overnightmusicstar [dot] com and www.overnightmusicstar.com: Music Marketing Inside.

Learn to Read and Write Music Many Ways

If you love to music but don’t have an interest in performing you can still have a successful career in the industry. Many people have used their musical ability to find work writing music and lyrics.

If you think you have what it takes to be a songwriter, here’s a few tips to get you started.Of course you should know how to read and write music. This is basic. You could be the most talented person in the world, but if you can’t read or write music you can share your gifts and make a living.

You can learn to read and write music many ways. Try taking lessons or buy a video or book.

Many people do learn to read and write music as child, but you can still learn as an adult. Don’t think it’s too late to try. After you’ve gotten those skills squared away you need to focus on a music style. I’m talking about country, music, rock, opera or whatever type of music that makes your heart sing. Then go ahead and start writing music and lyrics for the industry.As your work improves you may feel ready to take them to industry executives and try to sell them. To do so you have to first create a demo tape so that they can hear what they sound like. This will really help make the sale.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t sell your very first songs. Or if you receive criticism for your work. It’s to be expected. Creative fields are often subjective and people can have a lot to say about the work that comes across their desk. Don’t get discouraged. Use the criticism as valuable information that will help you improve.If you’re new to songwriting it’s up to you to promote your work. Network whenever possible. Look online and elsewhere for opportunities.

5 Great Ways To Use Vinyl Banners For Your Music Store

Add advertising to your music store using vinyl banners that can effectively reach your stores music enthusiasts. Knowing how to design an influential vinyl banner is the first step in offering creative banner advertisements that are a sought out part of your store.

The messages that represent your store, the designs that represent your music, and the motivation that comes with a well-designed retail banner can be all it takes to increase sales at your store. Find out some the most effective uses for vinyl banners for your music store.

Latest Releases

Keep your customers up to date with vinyl banners announcing your latest releases and upcoming CD’s. Vinyl banners placed as posters outside your store and inside are a great way to advertising your most recent products and encourage the increase of sales. Design your banners to mimic album covers or mimic the themes of the music industry.


Turn your stores inventory quickly with the addition of sales banners to announce your CD and merchandise clearance event. Large outdoor banners with a simple sale message and quickly draw traffic to your store from new customers to regular music devotees. Music sales are a perfect way to attract new customers to your prices and further hold them with your selection and your services.

In-Store Events

Creating the opportunity for a guest appearance, CD release party, or autograph guest takes effort and dedication. Make sure your event is successful with intense marketing and promotions. Large vinyl banners placed around your music store, inside and out, and at similar events are the best opportunity to ensure a crowded appearance. Make sure your banner includes all your event details including special guests, times, and locations, and is designed with the theme of the event in mind.


Music enthusiasts are fans of festivals and much appreciate a forward knowledge of upcoming events. Make your music store a resource for all upcoming music events by featuring vinyl banners for every upcoming festival. House a vertical banner on a stand that is constantly updates with events and performance dates and ticket purchase information to build yourself as a respected platform of information.


Music stores can range from instruments and supplies to CD’s and records. This range of products also leads the availability of services from ticket sales to music lessons. Advertise your service by displaying a vinyl banner showing the additional service you offer and further establishing your business as a resource in the music industry. Use indoor and outdoor banners to emphasize your services from guitar tuning and lessons, instrument repair, and ticket sales.

Michael Allen works as a Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with both large companies and small local businesses for over 20 years. His vast experience in the field of marketing positions him as an expert in helping businesses expand by using marketing tactics.

As a seasoned expert in Marketing and Branding, Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the use of car signs and retail signs. In his articles, he covers tips and techniques for effective use of banners, vinyl decals, and window clings for small businesses.

The Five Keys To Building A Successful Music Career

The Five Keys To Building A Successful Music Career

By Tom Hess

Wish you knew why some musicians become massively successful (and how you can too)? Hint: It’s not by simply copying the actions of others in the industry – it’s by developing a success-oriented mindset as the foundation of your actions. Once you have the right ‘mindset’, everything else will fall into place in your music career and you will achieve success.

For the rest of this article I will assume that you have a great understanding of what you want to accomplish in your music career (if you don’t yet, stop reading right now and check out this article about how to plan a music career). To help you understand how you can achieve the greatest success in your music career, I am now going to compare the way ‘unsuccessful’ musicians think versus how ‘successful’ musicians think. By understanding the difference between the two, you will be able to reach your music career goals much faster.

Have Intense, Unbreakable Focus

Highly successful professional musicians make sure that everything they do works in congruence with their major goals. They have an intense focus on their goals and do not spend ‘any’ extra time, money or energy on things that will not help them achieve them. For instance, if your main goal was to release a solo album on your own, you will need to invest your time into writing and recording rather than simultaneously searching for a band or get local gigs.

Musicians who struggle to achieve success believe in the ‘common sense’ advice of ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ when it comes to their music careers. Because of this, they end up spreading themselves too thin and fail to achieve any ‘big’ results in anything they do. Truth is, becoming successful requires being the very best at whatever you do – this only happens once you line up all your thoughts, beliefs and actions to focus toward the achievement of a single goal.

An additional aspect of ‘being congruent’ is staying true to your deepest desires when it comes to your music career. If your true desire is to tour in a big band but you settle for a job as a session musician because it feels ‘safer’, you will have a very hard time lining up all your thoughts, beliefs and actions to focus on that which is not what you truly want.

How can you apply this information into your own music career? The easiest way is to ask yourself the following question: “How do my current actions help me reach and accomplish my greatest music career goals?” If you are unclear about this, you are likely on the wrong road with the actions you are taking and need to learn more about how to reach your goal. On top of that, even if you ‘are’ taking actions that can help you accomplish your ultimate goals, they will often have little effect until you understand how to fully integrate them into an effective music business strategy.

Additionally, some of the actions you take might seem entirely unrelated to your main goals when they are actually completely related to them. For instance, many musicians who want to tour the world in a band refuse teaching music for a living, thinking that this will keep them from achieving their goal. However, the truth is teaching music is the quickest, most stable and flexible way to earn a living as a musician while working on other activities in your music career (such as going on tour – something you could never do working a regular full time job).

To summarize, it is just as ‘crucial’ for you to understand how an action will help you build your music career as it is to actually do it. Test yourself now to see if you are prepared to become a highly successful pro musician survey.

Eliminate “Zero-Sum” Thinking From Your Mental Vocabulary

All highly successful musicians think, believe and act on the following two premises:

#1. It is not ‘wrong’ or unethical for a musician to desire to earn as much money as they can from what they do. Until you agree entirely with this idea, NO music company will want to work together with you to help you build your music career. Why? Because all companies in the music industry exist for one reason and one reason only: ‘to make a lot of money’. Music companies would never invest tons of money into a musician who thinks that money is the root of all evil and has no intention to help the company earn their investment back tenfold. It is for this reason that the industry is called the music ‘business’ and not music ‘donation’. Caution: Even if you think you can fool a music company into working with you while at the same time not wanting to help them earn money, they WILL know. Companies can ‘sense’ this in you way before you even realize it. This is just another strong reason why you must be congruent in your beliefs as I mentioned above.

#2. The world is filled with opportunity and you can achieve unlimited success for yourself and those associated with you by using a win/win mindset and forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

These two mental approaches are fundamental for getting musicians to take the correct actions to achieve their goals and become highly successful.

On the other side of things, unsuccessful musicians think with an opposing mindset to these two approaches. They believe that the amount of money available for everyone is limited and when someone becomes wealthy, it reduces opportunities for everyone else. In addition to these ideas being completely unproven, this style of thinking creates a mindset of ‘scarcity’ that leads musicians to think with in terms of ‘lose-lose’. No one in the music industry will want to work with someone who thinks like this.

This is a huge part of why it is ineffective to copy the tactics of other musicians. In addition to needing a complete, overall ‘strategy’, if you as missing the right belief system to make the foundation of the actions you take, you will never get the results you could in your music career.

Get Rid Of The Entitlement Mentality

Unsuccessful musicians assume that they need to beg people in the music industry for ‘a chance’ to get their big break (by sending off promo packs or demos for example). Whenever this doesn’t work, they complain that there is simply ‘too much competition’ and that making it in the music business is only for those who are privileged.

In contrast, people who go on to build successful music careers do not sit around waiting for someone to give them an opportunity just because they have written music or can play an instrument well. They are fully aware that they must ‘earn’ their success.

To do this, they must:

1. Understand exactly what the music company they intend to work with needs as well as what major goals the company has. Learn more about this by completing this short music career success assessment.

2. Create a well thought out plan for how they will meet the other side’s needs.

3. Make the other side ‘fully aware’ of the fact that working with them will bring great benefit for everyone involved.

4. Follow through completely to generate value for the other side and develop a reputation for being highly loyal, reliable and dependable.

Any musician who follows these four steps will put themselves at the head of the line in front of the other 99.9% of musicians. To learn how you can make your own opportunities and succeed in the music industry.

Be Able To Tell The Difference Between A ‘Strategy’ Versus A ‘Tactic’

Before you can hope to achieve any success with a career in music, you need to determine your medium and long-term goals. For instance, you may want to obtain a recording contract, get accepted into a great band, go on an international tour or gain the freedom to write your own songs without worrying about lacking the money to make ends meet. In order to accomplish these goals, you must develop an effectively organized combination of tactics that work as the glue to hold together an overall strategy.

A ‘tactic’ is an action you take that achieves a specific result in the short-term. Examples of this include: playing a show, trying to get your album reviewed or creating a new website for your band. Any single action you make is a tactic.

On the other hand, a ‘strategy’ generally means combining together many tactics as part of an entire system with the goal of reaching a longer term goal.

To illustrate the difference between the two ideas, think of this analogy: In football, a tactic could be making up a specific play while on offense or defense. A strategy would be understanding how that specific play ties into the big picture when it comes to beating the other team’s weaknesses in order to win. This means understanding how the play relates to the other plays you made before and the ones you will make afterwards to win the game.

Musicians who do not achieve success ‘only’ think with a mindset based around tactics. A lot of these musicians really try to ‘take action’ to move their careers forward, but struggle to make any progress because their actions are not part of an overall strategy. This is exactly why merely copying others does not help you achieve success (you are only copying the tactics without knowing the real strategy they are a part of).

Truth is, most musicians are not good at creating effective strategies to advance their careers (just like me when I first began). Because of this, it is essential to locate a mentor who will help you design a strategy to reach your music career goals.

Only Associate With People Who Will Help You Succeed

Everyone who is successful in the music industry is highly selective of who they invest time, money and energy into. You must also take on this trait if you wish to build a successful music career.

Here is a basic example that demonstrates how you can potential ruin your music career by associating with the wrong people:

In most cases, people who form bands (and desire to make it big someday) rarely consider anything about each band member other than musical skill. No one ever talks about each other’s long term goals, forms a strategy together or discusses a specific business plan for how the band will make money and advance in the industry. No one in these bands offers any real value to a music company, making the likeliness of the band becoming successful close to zero. These types of bands usually do not stay together for more than a couple of months.

Musicians who succeed know that there is much more to consider than musical skill alone. They look to find musicians who have the ‘complete package’ in terms of their mindset (made from the principles discussed in this article). To find out how to locate the right band members, study this free musician’s resource about how to find the best band members.

No matter what you plan on doing in the music industry, you must put together a network of success-minded musicians and business partners who will help you build your career just as you will help them. These people must be more than just ‘great musicians’. The must have all the same pieces of the puzzle as successful musicians.

After training and mentoring many musicians in my Music Careers Mentoring Program, I have truly seen the incredible value of building a network full of success-minded musicians who help each other earn money in their music careers, have joined bands together and toured internationally and constructed business relationships based on the principles of this article.

Now that you know the biggest differences between the mindsets of successful and unsuccessful musicians, you understand why only a handful of musicians ever ‘makes it’ in music. When it comes to developing your music career, your mindset will either be your strongest friend or your toughest enemy and you must learn how to make it work in your favor. After you develop the same mindset as professional musicians, you will achieve one hundred times more in your music career than you would have otherwise.

Complete this mini course on how to succeed in the music business to effectively apply all the concepts in this article into your music career right away.

Use Industrial Radio Controls for the Managing Gigantic Machines

It is a documented undeniable fact that the requirement is that the mother of invention. The scientists are attempting to create the new ways for the fulfillment of our wants. Affirmative it is right that each one that happened with the assistance of the fashionable technologies and completely different machines like Wireless industrial remote control. And after all we have a tendency to be habituated with the technology.

It is really an inevitable fact that people have a tendency to live in associate degree informative world currently days. In this modern world we are able to simply connect with anyone terribly simply. We have a tendency to build the communication system upgraded by taking the assistance of position techniques.

One will offer the required documents to anyone with the assistance of the new invention of soul. It may be doable over a brief distance or an extended distance. With the assistance of the fashionable technology, we have a tendency to be exploitation completely different wireless affiliation like the 2 means affiliation radio, cellular phones, mobile phones and plenty of different new devices. All this devices are hassle free and that they haven’t any limitation. Thus you will notice that the wireless industrial radio controls are such a product through that we are able to convey our vital data to 1 another.

Man has become the king of the planet bit by bit by exploitation the technology. They need made-up much issue to create their life easier. By exploitation the service of the pc they need shortened their time of labor. Just like the different sector, men conjointly made-up completely different machines for various uses. Except for all the machines, they can’t be processed with hand and man power. It is the most reason that they conjointly invent some tiny machines to handle the large machines.

They are currently using the pc for the dominant of those machines as computer will provide additional effort than a person. Industrial wireless controls are merely like that. It is extremely such technical instrumentality that is simple to handle and processed. It may also assist you to begin a huge machine. As you recognize that the standard remote controls are solely used for the overall radio TV, music systems and completely different games. However once you attempt to management the large machines you only got to use the industrial radio controls, because it is that the additional powerful system than the standard remote controls.

It is used terribly conspicuously within the field of various machinery trades. There are varied machines that ought to be run unendingly for machinery wants. However conjointly you recognize that typically the machines can’t be controlled by switches. It is the most reason that why in industrial region industrial radio controls is required for the machines. It is the best method to run a huge machine. This technique will pack up the machines in throughout any signal loss and machinery hamper because it is formed from high frequency system.

Why Online Music PR Is So Important For Recording Artists And Record Labels

With the music industry becoming as competitive as it has, getting the right publicity and marketing is absolutely key for artists these days to ensure that their work reaches as many people as possible. Likewise for record labels, making sure that the artist has gained maximum publicity is vital for sales and, of course, the future popularity of that artist.

The benefits for artists, both signed and unsigned, of online music PR are enormous. First of all is the fact that it’s extremely cost effective, far more than using a real life PR company because you’re not paying for a huge amount of staff, running of buildings, bills, and other things that don’t directly affect you as an artist but that the company needs to charge for to keep themselves in business. With online marketing, because it’s all done online, all you’re paying for is the actual fee of the marketing itself and the work of the person doing it for you.

Music PR is almost mandatory to build your profile as an artist. It is possible to do it yourself, but you may not have the same industry contacts as a person dedicated to doing that work for you. You may not be able to reach the same amount of people. You may not be able to build such a huge following if you don’t have the expertise or contacts that a PR marketer has. Hiring an online marketer to deal with the PR side of your music venture will ensure excellent contacts and proven results, which will only benefit and aid you in the future.

But it’s not just directly gaining fans for you. Online PR includes a whole host of other services included that guarantee as far a reach as is physically and virtually possible. This includes promotion of your music through social media outlets, high profile blogs with a number of followers, radio stations, a promotional music video, and perhaps most importantly, promotion through extremely professional and respected tastemaker DJ’s.

These DJ’s are imperative to selling your music online, as they will provide you with the much-needed feedback required to give listeners a push forward to listen to your music and, in turn, promote it freely for you to their friends, family, etc. Radio airplay through DJ’s will obviously increase the amount of people who have listened to your music. Word of mouth is perhaps the best promotion you as an artist can get, but you wont get this kind of promotion without going through some professional yet fresh and exciting online PR methods first.

Music PR used to be quite a long-winded and tedious part of getting your music out to the public. Before online PR, there was actually quite a lot your had to do yourself and, if you did find someone who would do it for you, it would cost you the earth and then some. With technology constantly advancing, and especially with the introduction of social media, online PR is definitely the preferred method for most artists as not only is everything done for you, it’s also far cheaper and, more importantly, it has a much further reach than other more traditional methods.

Change Your Musical Career With a Music Company Searching for Talented Musicians

Being a musician means that you have to look for appropriate opportunities through which your talent can shine through. There is nothing more pleasurable than have thousands of people listen to your music and appreciate its beauty and enjoy it. Often the problem with talented musicians or vocalists is that they are unable to find the right platform to get their talent across to people. They are caught in the labyrinth of a music industry that is very demanding which can actually throw away their creative process.

How To Get A Rewarding Career In The Music Industry?

Talented singers, vocalists and musicians who want to showcase their talent need an appropriate platform. This is where taking up the services of a music company that promotes talent individuals can help a lot. It’s surprising how a shift like this can change your career and your persona. Gone are the days when you were waiting for an opportunity. Now opportunities find you and there are so many ways by which you can show your talent.

Step into a world of opportunities by talking the services of a music company. Such a company can create a playing field through which you can get across to the finest people in the music world. You can get to work with really talented individuals by playing music with them. This also helps you to find people who like to use your talent. You can get connected to those who need the abilities that you have and with whom your career can early take off. This is exactly the opportunity that talented musicians and vocalists need and by which they can get recognition and ultimately stardom.

There are so many interesting music projects open for vocalists through such a company that you cannot get through a typical vocalist wanted advertisement. If you were to miss out on them imagine how much it would hurt your career. On the other hand, getting involved in such projects will make your music come alive.You can meet maestros through whom you can learn more about music and get opportunities to do various kinds of music. Hence, a music company that offers opportunities for talented musicians can change your musical career altogether. They can help you explore new means of showcasing your talent which cannot be found anywhere else.

If you want to showcase your talent do not respond to ordinary vocalist wanted advertisements. Instead look into the services of a company that helps aspiring artists to make a career that sets them apart from others in the music industry. Only then can you appropriately show your abilities and gain the recognition that you want from others. Much loved and appreciated music is heard time and time again. It has its mark in history and is always remembered. If you want it be a part of this set, change your career graph in music by opting for the services of a music company that specializes in searching for talented musicians and getting them connected to the right music projects.

Enjoy Great Music With the Best Sennheiser Headphones

Listening to music is a hobby of many individuals and they love listening their favorite music while driving, workout, walking and in their leisure time. Many people believe that listening to great music should come with the best and high quality earphones. In the advanced world of technology, especially when high-tech MP3/MP4 player are introduced, everybody wants to enjoy their liked music with the best pair of earphones. Today, the iPod and music phones are on a boom and paring your music player with excellent quality earphones would assuredly turn your steady music tripping into a more happening and exciting one. And when the talk is about the best and highest quality earphone, Sennheiser Headphones is the name comes first in our mind.

Sennheiser Headphones are the most renowned and preferred earphones loved by many people who believe in buying the top quality earphones. Some folks find buying costly earphone as an optional thing because the portable music players already offer a line of earphones inside the pack. But, the real listeners who want to enjoy music every time buy sennheiser headphones to have wonderful time.

Sennheiser is the name that doesn’t require any introduction as ruling for over 60 years in the sound recording, transmission and sound reproduction industry for providing first class, outstanding products and tailor-made solutions. It is the most prominent providers of integrated solutions for electro-acoustic systems, services and products with high noise-cancelling properties. Every earphone is created with innovative techniques to satisfy the specific needs of clients. Theses earphones are very dependable and are the preeminent equipment for your devices comes in various styles to suit your taste and likings. These have a high quality bass, make you enjoy every single bit and are capable to blow your mind.

The technical beauties of Sennheiser like wireless usb adapter, laptop cases, Bluetooth headset are some of the most sophisticated additional equipment that enhance your experience plus perk up efficiency and quality of your devices. Skullcandy Headphones are very good to use anytime whether you are sitting freely, running or while you work out in the gym. These are sturdy and lightweight and do not cause any harm to your ears. The high-output drivers of these earphones offer an energizing and ultimate stereo sound that refreshes you.

These are compatible with any kind of sound device you have. You can choose any of your liked earpieces from the huge array of innovative pieces available in the market. Each part of every headphone is made of shock-absorbing, highly-flexible, material to deliver an unmatched durability and strength.

Online you will get a whole innovative world of headphone and other related gadgets from Sennheiser that gives you a new charm to listen your favorite music. These earphones are best for every individual and anyone can buy it anytime with the help of online stores. So, what are you waiting for go online and get your loved pair of earphones.